Cherry Park Cleanup Shirt (2015)

These were shirts created for a park cleanup here in Grand Rapids, MI. The center of the park had an older polygon monkey bars which lended itself to be a trash receptacle when flipped for the shirts design. The bird comes from the Green Well's logo (sponsor). The white buches represent refuse and then the same shape in pink represent cherry blossoms for which the park and street was named after.

Everpresent Logo

When you have enterprise software that monitors your entire computer system for your company with a million eyes wherever you go and reports back so you can always see what is going on—it's kind of like you are ever present. That was this software app does. The word “ever” is reflected in the infinity symbol (which also looks like two eyes) and of course is present inside of the “P.”

Bella Spark Proposed Posters

The ethereal quality of the night or early morning light, it is hard to describe. The band Bello Spark has a reflection of that quality. Here are posters  and imagery that was proposed for use on their 2013 tour.

Emonlade Logo

This logo is for a web development framework and tools system for a friend of mine. It is an open sourced program that can be built upon, hence the multiple components coming together to form an “e.”   You can find out more at

Crystal Mountain - Variable Data Media

How do you reach a particular person with a customized message that makes it feel just for them? The answer: variable data. Variable data can a powerful tool in both electronic and print media. It allows you to take a database of names and addresses and build visual and text messages that speak to that particular person. In this case Crystal Mountain needed to reach business people who plan company conferences and are “Heros” because they choose exciting Crystal Mountain as their meeting destination. These campaign images was used for both postcards and email.

Control Solutions Inc. Infographic

This is a Infographic for Control Solutions Inc. “Ultimate Guide to Building Automation Systems” with animation made possible with Adobe's “publish online” feature. Click to view full-screen.