Crystal Mountain - Variable Data Media

How do you reach a particular person with a customized message that makes it feel just for them? The answer: variable data. Variable data can a powerful tool in both electronic and print media. It allows you to take a database of names and addresses and build visual and text messages that speak to that particular person. In this case Crystal Mountain needed to reach business people who plan company conferences and are “Heros” because they choose exciting Crystal Mountain as their meeting destination. These campaign images was used for both postcards and email.

Control Solutions Inc. Infographic

This is a Infographic for Control Solutions Inc. “Ultimate Guide to Building Automation Systems” with animation made possible with Adobe's “publish online” feature. Click to view full-screen.

Perfect Fit Logo

This logo was created for a special needs class that is offered at Plainfield Christian Church in Indiana. The interconnecting polygon supports the name "perfect fit" with another shape that contains the icon of a happy child. The mark is intended to be happy and inviting to both parents and children alike. The color scheme was directed to match the treehouse ministries I had done previously, seeing it is in the same area of the church.


Robotics, software, hardware, and water are the essence of this company. Smartcoast is an industrial robot and equipment company located along the shores of Lake Michigan that provides smart solutions for automated robotic and programing needs. Their mark needed to be fluid but also mechanical to communicate the core of their products and services—waves are hinted at on each side as they flow through a wired "s", all framed in a hex bolt shape.


A tree, a heart, a house… elements brought together in a fun way to give an inviting feeling about a children's ministry ministry. I have always loved well done children's book illustrations done in cut paper, that is why the logo's shape is slightly imperfect to reflect this technique. Cut paper does such a great job of communicating a child's playful simplicity—while the clean modern font compliments the mark with a feeling of stability. My favorite designer Paul Rand used cut paper to illustrate the book Sparkle and Spin (1957) which is still in print, like this book I hope that this logo can stand the test of time.


For a long time I have found it very interesting how directors hold up their hands to frame a shot. I know it's a bit cliché, but if you have ever lived in the lower peninsula of Michigan you know how to show people where you live—you simply hold up your right hand and point. When I was challenged to come up with a poster design that says movies, Grand Rapids, MI, and film festival; I couldn't help but put all these elements together to pull off this concept. It plays off so many meanings and includes a cinematic green screen. My hope is that the audience picks up at least a few of these elements at a time in this poster, if not all of them. I was honored to be able to work on this poster alongside my friends at Spectacle Creative.